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Web Site Links

Here are a few links to some of my favorite web sites that you might find useful.

Depth of Field A web site to help you understand Depth of Field and how to use it.
IAPP This is a link to the International Association of Panoramic Photographers web site. There is a lot of useful information on panoramic photography here including other pano. photographers.
Lepp Institute A web site providing educational seminars and classes, founded by the renowned photographer George Lepp .
Canon USA A link to Canon USA's web site.
Mentor Series A site to American Photo and Popular photography's Mentor Series workshop. Lots of useful information for great photo treks, seminars and excursions.
Take Great Pictures A site with a lot of very useful articles for every aspect of digital photography.
William Neill One of my favorite photographers and a top educator in the art and discipline of photography.
George Lepp Another of my favorite photographers and outstanding teacher in the photographic arts.
Dewitt Jones A great photographer and an inspiration in vision, personal growth, and creativity.
GigaPan Systems LLC This is a link to the GigaPan Systems home page. If you are very serious about panoramic imaging this equipment will take you to the next level.