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Tripod heads

Homemade head assembly

Primary Head: The Acratech assembly is GV2 Ball head with a Manfrotto 323 RC2 quick release mounted to it. THat is attached to a Manfrotto 20PL plate that mounts to another RC2 quick trlease. THtached to the Manfrotto 357 universal slide assembly. This is intern mounted on the Acratech leveling plate and that is intern monted to the Manfrotto 10 MF3 corbon fiber tripod.

Assembled Head


Acratech head assembly detail images
Manfroto Base GV2 Manfrotto Base Leveling base
Gigapan head assembly

Gigapan Head: For taking very large (Gigapixel) images and Panoramas this digital tripod head is the tool. This head will allow you to program a series of image both vertically and horizontally to capture on your camera and then splice together using the Gigapan Gigastich software. Both the hardware and software are impressive to say the least. The software will work with images taken on the Gigapan or taken with my cobbled head described above) also. This is proving to be an invaluable tool in my photography arsenal. The only thing that I had to do to use this with camera was to add an RC2 quick release assembly and arcatechural 200PL plate. This was simply to raise the camera up slightly so that I could continue to use mY Cokin X-Pro filters. The filter mount is so large that it would hit the slide if it wasn't raised.